Whole Lotta Voltage

Whole Lotta Voltage are now Ireland’s longest running and most widely recognised AC/DC tribute.

Wowing crowds in venues all over Ireland and abroad with a wild stage show, full costume, stunning musicianship and vocals and a set-list covering 4 decades of rock & roll perfection, Whole Lotta Voltage are THE AC/DC tribute for AC/DC fanatics.

Every detail of the band has been painstakingly studied and recreated to perfection, raising the bar and setting the standard for others to try and follow.

“A first-rate tribute act – a eulogistic and respectful power smack to the wrinkled balls of the real AC/DC”
– Ian Colgan, ‘Wicklow People’

“Keep on rockin Whole Lotta Voltage”
– Angus Young, AC/DC

Whole Lotta Voltage offer either a Bon Scott show (2 hours) a Brian Johnson show (2 hours) or ‘The Complete AC/DC Experience’ featuring both singers (2.5 hours).